(SOLVED) MPH509 Module 2: Case Study Reflection


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Review the article on Henry Clark from Module 2 Readings and look at the Richmond Environmental Justice Movement Case Study.

Case Study: Richmond, CA Environmental Justice Movement:?http://richmondconfidential.org/2012/12/06/henry-clark-and-three-decades-of-environmental-justice/?(Links to an external site.)

Respond to the following questions after reading the article.

  1. Jones attributes institutional racism to historical events that established socioeconomic inequities between Whites and people of color. Jones does not explicitly state what these “discrete historical events” are. What are some historical events that might have contributed to current structural and systemic factors that continue to reinforce socioeconomic inequity?
  2. What kind of racial microaggression do you think Henry Clark might experience and why? What role could “alternative epidemiology” play in Richmond’s environmental justice efforts?


Hello professor and class

Camara Jones states details the importance of recognizing that the association between socioeconomic status and race in the United States has its origins in discrete historical events, but persists because of contemporary structural factors that perpetuate those historical injustices (Jones, 2000). Institutionalized racism begins with an initial historical event that starts to manifest due to contemporary structural factors and acts of omission. It manifests itself in both material conditions and in access to power.??Some of the historical events historical events that I feel might have contributed to current structural and systemic factors that continue to reinforce socioeconomic inequity are..

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(SOLVED) MPH509 Module 2: Case Study Reflection
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