(Solved) 6019SSL International Business and People Relations

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Assessment Information

This assignment is an individual assignment.

This assignment requires you to write an individual 2000 words original report to address the following task:
You are required to choose one international company from the Insurance Industry and to manage the foreign staffing; the HR director has approached you to create an international human resource management plan. You are to prepare a critical report for the board of directors with the following objectives:
• Critically examine the causes and consequences of the expatriate failure.
• Evaluate the company’s recent foreign staffing procedures of the chosen company.
• Make recommendations for the selected company’s effective international staffing
To accomplish these objectives, you will be expected to
a) Consider the causes of expat failure. To incorporate a critical analysis of the relevant literature
that relates to the theoretical debate of IHRM, Cross-Cultural Management, and expatriate
b) Evaluate the company of your choice’s management practices for expatriates; this evaluation
should consider the strategies employed for expatriate training, rewards, performance
management, and talent management.
b) To present thoughtful conclusions and recommendations for an effective international
personnel management plan.
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(Solved) 6019SSL International Business and People Relations
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