(Solved) Social media, data and society

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Your assessment on this module

For this module you will complete a single piece of coursework that is broken into two parts. These are designed to work together to help you to achieve the module learning outcomes.

Task Length % of module mark
Coursework 3,500 words (composed of 1,000 word reflection and 2,500 word analytical essay) 100

The summative assessment on this module requires you to submit written coursework of no more than 3,500 words composed of the following two elements:

  • A reflective Essay component: My algorithmic encounters – 1,000 words:

We ask you to return to the personal journal of encounters with algorithms that you prepared on the module. Based on the formative assessment, you will write a short reflective essay on your experiences of and ideas about the ways that algorithms shape individual life. This could be focused on a general idea or on a particular encounter that illustrates a broader issue covered on the module. The reflection must follow from the ideas and concepts discussed in the module. What do your encounters with algorithms reveal about the impact of data upon you and upon the social world around you?

  • An analytical Essay component based on a question – 2,500 words:

Using the conceptual tools provided in the module and in previous assessments, the student will choose a question to answer in a 2,500 words essay. Choose ONE of the following questions to answer:

    1. How do the relations between social media and data shape individual identities?
    2. In what ways does data mining on social media impact upon social divisions and inequalities?
    3. What is the most significant impact of data on how we understand the world around us?
    4. How has the collection and analysis of social media data transformed how organisations function?
    5. How have social media been shaped by the integration of data within their form and use?

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(Solved) Social media, data and society
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